Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue Elephant and High Tops

Mid-stride in a Modesto antique mart, a dented blue lunch box caught my eye. I have never make an animal from a lunch box… what might this be? Transforming cast off items is much harder than it might seem and it involves quite a bit of risk.

Immediately, I though of an elephant. After all, my own metal Disney lunch box was heavy and clunky, just like the Dumbo on its cover. I remember swinging it through the halls of my elementary school in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

So, from this wonderful old blue lunch box, a blue elephant has emerged, and it is much to my liking. It has taken form with the transformation of the following parts:

1.  Coffee table legs from Port Townsend, WA
2.  Cutting torch tips for tusks
3.  Steamer basket ears
4.  A brass hose nozzle, made in Italy, for the trunk, and
5.  A small used paintbrush for the tail

My Dumbo lunch box didn’t fare that well... It graduated from a lunch box to a coffin. What did it contain? One fall day my dad was tasked with buying me a new pair of winter shoes. We went to Okun Brothers Shoes in Kalamazoo. To my dismay, he chose ones with hard leather soles and brown suede uppers. Kid laughed! So I took those shoes and closed them up in the Dumbo lunch box and I hid it under my parent’s dresser. I wore my Converse high tops all that cold Michigan winter… and the next… and the one after that, too – they are still my go-to favorites. When my parents asked what happened to my leather shoes, I said I had no idea. I got a new Man From Uncle lunch box and a tornado blew the roof off Okun Brothers, scattering shoes all over town.

Spurred on by this successful elephant I have an old Coleman thermos animal that is waiting to be born!